10 Best Examples: How to Use Adobe Structure Reference

Adobe Firefly just introduced a new feature called Structure Reference, which makes it more easier to control the outcome of AI generated images.

This capability lets users to “lock” the structure of the input image, simplifying how photos are generated.

It’s a good thing that Adobe is finally catching up with AI, because this functionality has literally been available for almost 2 years for all Stable Diffusion users (via Controlnet).

Currently the feature is only available in the web version of Firefly, and not yet inside Photoshop.

greek-sculpture-effect-1 greek-sculpture-effect-2.jpg

The announcements mentions benefits like redecorating a room, transforming a child’s drawing and generating images without the guesswork of text prompts…

however there are actually many more business use cases for this tool!

Let’s explore some of the best effects you can achieve with Pincel AI tools – which offer more advanced versions of the Structure Reference by Adobe.

10 Must-Try Use Cases:

Unlock the full potential of keeping the important structure and outlines in your input images.

Here are some of the top 10 innovative uses for your instant inspiration.

1) Replace or Add New Textures to Objects

Pincel Reimagine – This is probably the most practical use case. It allows you to brush areas on a photo, and replace them while keeping the main structure of the image.

It’s the ideal solution for replacing colors or materials, while preserving the details and shape of the item on a photo.

The main benefit over Adobe Firefly is that you can replace the entire photo or only edit small parts of the image.

2) Change Color of Clothes on a Photo


The Reimagine tool can maintain the structure of any shape, so you have much control over the outcome of the image. By brushing over a small area like an apparel or clothing items you can easily replace it with a new color.

3) Replicate Images


This tool lets you keep the outline or pose from one photo, but fills it in with the texture or details from your prompt input. It’s perfect for creative photo edits where you want to maintain the structure but alter the appearance.

4) Create Stylized Photo Effects


Turn your photo subjects into different art styles while keeping their pose. Imagine transforming someone into a statue, an ice sculpture, a sketch drawing or even a GTA character.

5) Make Logo Illusions

AI logo Photo artwork maker

Integrate logos into AI art images seamlessly. This feature is ideal for creating branded content that doesn’t look forced. Logos can be blended into scenes, making them look like a natural part of the environment.

6) Create Text Effects

make text effects using ai

Merge text with your images in a way that looks natural and cohesive. This is great for adding catchy slogans or important messages to your photos without disrupting the visual flow.

7) Make QR Logo Art

qr code art using Pincel

Easily embed QR codes into your design in an artistic manner. This approach allows you to create a functional QR code that also serves as a compelling part of a design or an ad.

8) Make Illusions Photos

face into AI illusion

Get ready to squint your eyes for the reveal! Using a face as a reference, you can also transform a portrait photo into a landscape or another scene by integrating the face seamlessly into the surroundings.

This creates a stunning effect where any person appears to be a part of something bigger, for example a mountain range or a landscape.

9) Turn Sketch Drawing to Real Photo

sketch doodle or vector to real image

Convert a sketch drawing into realistic photo or the other way around. This is fantastic option for anyone who wants to see their drawings come to life with photo-realistic textures and details or turn a photo into a realistic sketch, 3D mode or even a Da Vinci Artwork.

10) Real Estate Photo Editing

real estate photo editing pincel

Keeping the image structure as reference also lets you reimagine homes and interiors while preserving essential details. Similar to virtual staging, it can craft a new version of a property’s exterior or interior based on prompts.

This can offer a fresh perspective without altering the core structure and enables you to envision potential renovations or decorations, providing a dynamic visual tool for property marketing and design planning.

Adobe Biggest Flaw: ๐Ÿค Overzealous Censorship

a.k.a. when Adobe sees nudity everywhere…

Firefly often overly restricts content, mistakenly identifying non-infringing or non-nude images as unsuitable due to terms of violation.

This can be especially frustrating when editing photos with any skin showing.

Their system too often inaccurately flag these as nudity and leading to unnecessary limitations on editing.

This cautious approach often kills the entire editing process by affecting ability to work freely with your own images.

Tip: learn these best practices when working with Adobe Generative Fill.

Create Without Limits Using Pincel AI ๐Ÿง‘โ€๐ŸŽจ

So, Adobe Firefly’s Structure Reference tool?

It’s pretty straightforward and incredibly powerful…

think of it as a way of generating new images, but based on another image’s structure.

On a technical level it is the same thing as img2img online and Canny map, but the overprotective filters really make the experience terrible.

So meet Pincel – your way to create AI photo edits without the annoying limitations.

It’s all online, very user-friendly and gives you a lot of creative control without needing to be a tech wizard.

Changing the dress design using prompt "woman wearing zebra dress on studio background" and face enhanced using face swap.

โœ… Biggest Benefits of Pincel Over Photoshop:

  • More tools for each specific tasks;
  • Each tool is more simple and task oriented;
  • No overprotective filters;
  • More affordable.

Martim Ramos

Founder @ Pincel – Warrior of creative expression, armed with a paintbrush. After using Photoshop for 20 years, I grew tired of its complexity and believe image editing should be easy as a brush stroke. Passionate about sharing my knowledge through blogging.