Change the Color of Clothes on Photo With AI

Changing clothes is annoying, right?

And on a photo, it seems even harder… or does it?

Think again! AI has literally made it into a one click task to change clothes

and with realistic results for business or personal use.

However what if you need to only change the color and not replace the garment?

Meet Pincel Reimagine – It’s a tool for making instant edits to an apparel item, with the option to keep the original outlines intact.

This significantly saves both time and money

because it allows you to easily experiment with new colors, textures or materials for any clothing item, without actual photoshoots.

before-color-change after-color-change

How Does it Work:

First upload your photo to Pincel Reimagine.

Then brush over the clothes (or other area) you wish to apply the color change.

Next choose the “Keep Outlines” mode. This way, only the color changes, but not the design.

Finally add a prompt to guide the AI e.g. “blue shirt”, “white dress”.

NB: just describe what the brushed area should be replaced with in simple terms.

Hit generate and wait until the request is completed.

Click here to watch a tutorial video.

Not quite right? No problem. Try again until it’s perfect.

Once you’re happy, download your photo.

Why Choose Pincel AI Over a Digital Artist?

Never order another Fiverr gig again!

Why should you go through the hassle of hiring a retouching artist when Pincel makes it so easy for you?

It’s faster, much simpler and you get to do it all by yourself instantly.

No back and forth and more no waiting days for the results.

It’s instant gratification at its best with AI.

replace leggings and sports bra color
Relax and let AI do the styling! Effortlessly swap the colors of workout clothes for a fresh vibe in seconds.

Who Needs a Clothing Color Swap Anyway?

In the fast-paced world of social media and digital marketing, the power of a visually appealing image cannot be overstated anymore.

Here’s why tweaking the color of clothes in photos is a must-have:

Boost E-commerce Sales – Show your product in every color without extra photoshoots. More choices, more clicks and more sales.

Easily replace dress color online
Same photo, different vibe! Transform the mood of your pictures by changing the dress color—effortless and instant for a completely different outcome.

Fashion – Fashion bloggers can stand out by showcasing or creating new outfits in multiple hues. You can impress followers with your versatile style.

Product Designers – AI can help to instantly iterate and preview new product design versions.

Social Media – Businesses can tailor their posts to fit brand colors or seasonal themes. A green sweater becomes a red one in seconds and perfect for that Christmas campaign.

Ad Visuals – Refresh your ad visuals without reshooting. This offers a great way to test different color schemes to see what catches the eye.

Visual Consistency for Brands – Keep your brand’s aesthetic on point across all visuals. Adjust clothing colors in team photos to match your brand palette.

add new colors to object
Example of how generative AI might also occasionally add in some new details, which can be easily be removed using the Photo Cleaner.

Product Previews – Give customers a sneak peek of upcoming color releases by tweaking existing product photos. This can build anticipation with zero cost.

Tailored Content Creation Simplified – Content creators can easily save time and money. Create diverse content from a single photoshoot by changing outfit colors post-production.

change boots color on photo
Not just clothes – easily use Pincel to replace the color of objects or accessories.

Pincel vs. Photoshop:

Thinking of using Photoshop?

Brace yourself for installations, 1 hour long YouTube tutorials and also don’t forget the costs.

Pincel is your hassle-free and online alternative.

You can also alter the color of multiple pieces of clothing at the same time.

It’s more straightforward because it requires no learning and works online.

Plus there’s a free trial.

Experimenting with colors has never been easier or faster.

It Does More Than Color Just Changes…

Example of another Pincel apparel tool – Virtual AI Try-On.

With Pincel AI you achieve much more than just color changes to garments.

Here’s a list of must-have AI tools for clothing and apparels:

So think about all the endless possibilities this opens up in digital fashion…

you can create consistent AI photos with your own virtual models, and then dress them with any clothes you can imagine, or use a photo reference of a garment.

✅ Tips for Best Results:

We’re still dealing with generative AI, so here are a few tips for getting the best results and troubleshooting successfully.

  • Contrast in photos – try to use photos with plenty of contrast for the AI to understand the context.
  • Use the “Keep Outlines” mode – this will preserve the shape of clothes.
  • AI artifacts – AI might occasionally create weird shapes or details. Simply generate a new photo or use the Photo Cleaner to fix any unwanted areas.
  • Brushing area – the brushed area doesn’t need to be 100% accurate, because generative AI will blend in the colors. However if you need more accurate results, experiment with larger or smaller brush areas.

Must-See: How it Works in About 30 Seconds 👇🏼

A Click Away from an Instant Color Makeover 🖌️

Changing the color of your clothes doesn’t need you to be a professor of digital arts…

with Pincel AI photo editor, it’s all about speed and instant results..

No artists or complicated software needed.

try new clothing items via AI
Experiment with various colors and prompts for creative outcome.

Just a few click and you’re visualizing a new look or a completely new outfit.

More Examples:

(Click on images for full size previews)

Martim Ramos

Founder @ Pincel – Warrior of creative expression, armed with a paintbrush. After using Photoshop for 20 years, I grew tired of its complexity and believe image editing should be easy as a brush stroke. Passionate about sharing my knowledge through blogging.