Add New Clothes to a Model Using AI

Imagine dressing up the photo of a model in any outfit with just a click.

That’s the benefit that AI brings with virtual try-on.

With advancements in AI, trying on clothes virtually is not just an idea…

it’s already making life much easier for anyone selling clothes or working in fashion.

No photoshoots but just instant previews of any clothes on any model.

transfer image of shirt onto model picture
Visualize how clothes would look like on any model. Simply upload a photo of a model and the garment. Pincel will combine them into a realistic image using generative AI.

How it Works:

1- First upload a photo of a model to the Clothes Swapper or alternatively use the example models provided.

2- Then upload the next photo of the garment you want the model to wear. For best results use a cutout photo without a model (does not have to be a PNG). Flatlay also works.

3- Crop to Fit: the virtual dressing app currently only accepts images in portrait format, so it is necessary to crop the images into the correct dimensions (which you can easily do inside the tool)

4- Hit the generate button and let AI do the rest. It seamlessly tries to blend the garment onto the model’s image and also adjusting for pose, size and lighting.

NB: the generating process usually takes 30-40 seconds, but it could take a few minutes if the GPU is booting another instance!

5- Done: AI creates 4 different versions of the same photo. Download the one you like most, download them all or hit generate to go for another try.

The tool is currently optimized mostly for upper body garments such as:

T-shirt, dress, swimsuit, jacket, sweater, hoodie, tops

virtual try on experience using AI
Easily preview different clothes on the same model to see what fits best.

Why Pincel Outshines Other Tools:

The saving are tremendous!

There is no need for a costly photoshoot.

And forget about hiring models or retouching artists…

Pincel AI help you dramatically cut down expenses.

It’s your on-demand fashion photographer and stylist, all in one:

  • Benefits of the Pincel Virtual Try on Solution:
  • ✅ Easy, fast and online – you don’t need to download or install anything;
  • ✅ Pincel has free trial – start for free and give it a test try;
  • ✅ Use your own photos – you can upload your own models and garments.
  • ✅ Thousands of AI models included – unlimited use of our collection of AI Generated Apparel Models with full commercial license.
change shirt on photo with AI

It’s Easier and Faster Than Photoshop 🤩

Why struggle with learning complex software?

Pincel AI is straightforward, because there is no learning curve and no installations.

AI has automated the entire process.

It works online and offers simplicity and speed.

You can transform your fashion photos in minutes and seconds, not hours.

It’s the hassle-free alternative to Photoshop with many powerful AI features.

replace garment on photo
Upload a photo of any garment and it will digitally fit it onto a model’s image, transforming the attire without a real photoshoot. Ideal solution for turning a model with casual clothing into formal headshot.

Who Needs AI Try-On? Spoiler: Everyone

AI dressing room is not just a latest cool tech, but it’s also a game-changer for a bunch of people and businesses.

Here’s who’s getting in on the action:

Online Shoppers: It’s ideal for fashionistas and the comfort-seekers who prefer browsing from their sofa. AI Virtual try-on means no more size chart mysteries or style gambles.

use AI model and put clothes on
Even if you’d never actually wear that ugly Christmas sweater, then Pincel.AI can make sure you do it in style.

Fashion Designers: Are you testing out new designs on a variety of body types without needing a single fitting? Yes, please! Fashion designers can now iterate much faster and more creatively with a virtual try-on.

Costume Designers and Cosplayers: Imagine checking how your next creation or cosplay will look without sewing a stitch. It’s ideal for planning and perfecting your next big project.

Personal Stylists: Offering clients a virtual wardrobe to mix, match, and visualize outfits before making purchases elevates the styling service to a new level.

put shirt on model with AI app online
Tip: use a garment photo with no model, however as from the photo above, Pincel will try (and sometimes succeed) to detect the garment item from a photo including a model)

Fitness and Health Enthusiasts: For those on a fitness journey, AI apparel testing can visualize how different outfits might fit as your body changes, without the commitment.

From personal use to professional applications, AI outfit try-on is transforming how we think about fashion, shopping and also design.

Whether you’re planning your next outfit or your next business move, I think virtual try-on has something for you too.

virtual AI trying on shirt

See Pincel Clothes Swap in Live Action 👇🏼

What Can Go Wrong? 😬

Let’s face it… we’re still dealing with generative AI, so things don’t always go as planned.

Here are the most common issues and solutions for troubleshooting effectively:

❌ Complicated pose – models can sometimes do weird poses which AI doesn’t understand, so the results might end up funny. Try using a model photo with simple and straightforward pose.

❌ Low quality image – try using an input image which is at least 768x1024px in size. That’s also the size of the input and output image.

❌ Weird artifacts – AI can (and sometimes certainly) generate weird elements to the model or the background. For example some dark background shadows, but fortunately these can easily be fixed with the Pincel Photo Cleaner.

❌ Messy background – AI will try to blend in the garment with the original photo, however this might be difficult if the background is too messy. Try using a simple studio background if possible.

Dress to Impress 👗

Think about it… all you need is a photo of a garment and you can instantly see it on any model in no time.

It’s like having a magic wand that dresses up your digital mannequin.

And it with the thousands on AI generated fashion models, you don’t really have to worry of hiring real models too!

No more organizing photoshoots or worrying about the logistics or licenses.

It’s not just about saving time but also about slashing costs and speeding up the entire process.

swimsuit try on with AI model
When trying on a dress or swimsuit, then it’s also best to use a model wearing a dress or swimsuit.


How does Pincel AI’s Virtual Try-On work?

Simply upload a photo of the model and another of the garment you wish to try on. Pincel AI tries to fit the garment onto the model’s photo, adjusting for fit and lighting, giving you a realistic preview of how it looks.

What kind of clothes work best?

Currently the tools mostly supports upper body garments. For the best results, make sure to also match the type of clothing between the model and the garment you wish to try on.

For instance, if you’re looking to see how a shirt looks, use a model photo where the model is already wearing a shirt.

This ensures the AI can more accurately adapt the garment to the model’s pose and proportions, providing a realistic and satisfying virtual try-on experience.

Can I use Pincel AI for my online store?

Absolutely! Pincel AI is a perfect tool for e-commerce retailers looking to enhance the online shopping experience, allowing customers to see how clothes look on models before making a purchase.

try jacket on photo

Which types of images work best?

For the best results, use model images with minimal backgrounds. Garment photos should also ideally be on a plain cutout background to allow the AI to accurately detect and transfer the clothing onto the model.

How long does it take?

Typically, the swap happens in about 30-40 seconds! However, keep in mind, if the GPU is booting up or the system is handling a high volume of requests, it might take a bit longer (around 2-3 minutes for the first request, faster after that)

Martim Ramos

Founder @ Pincel – Warrior of creative expression, armed with a paintbrush. After using Photoshop for 20 years, I grew tired of its complexity and believe image editing should be easy as a brush stroke. Passionate about sharing my knowledge through blogging.