Things we are working on right now:

AI architect improvements

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Changelog & Milestones

Achievements already in the bag:



  • Added tooltip to AI Reimagine tool for quicker and easier explanation of control modes.
  • Added direct multi face swap support to Pincel Stock images.
  • New functionality in Reference and AI Canny Map tools: slider for controlling the strength of the effect and the prompt is now included in the downloaded image filename.
  • Moved to a new credits based pricing system. Learn more in the blog post.
  • Major improvements in the AI Architect tool – switched the entire process to another AI model which also adds an AI Detailer into the process. The generation speed is lower but the photos are more realistic and the style is more controllable via the prompt.
  • Huge quality improvements in AI Clothes Swap tool. It now supports replacing upper body, lower body and also full body clothes. Also better performance it detecting clothing from a photo.
  • Released new version of AI Architect which includes 50 preset room templates and 50 interior design styles, with a total of 2500 unique styles to choose from. (it’s also possible to use custom prompts.)



  • Added new progress bar to AI Portraits which tells the user if image is being processed or if the GPU is booting, offering a much better experience.
  • New category for free product photography backgrounds stock photos;
  • Added new preset photoshoots into AI Portraits – easily make new photos with 1 click by choosing ax existing style. It is also possible to edit the preset prompts;
  • New blog posts for using Pincel in AI Product Design and Fashion AI design;
  • 30 new photoshoot example styles added to AI Portraits;
  • 15 new professional headshot styles added to AI Portrats.
  • New blog post about creating an AI model of yourself;
  • New tool: generate and save your own AI People Characters;
  • Major speed improvements in navigating at Pincel account dashboard and customer portal.
  • Fixed customer billing dashboard error when logged out.


  • Improved account dashboard loading speed;
  • Added easier access for Billing and Customer portal;
  • New photo effects for GTA style, 3D Character and Sketch Drawing;
  • Fixed photo upload issues on AI Editor for Android camera pictures;
  • Fixed login issues for Pincel AI Chat for free users;
  • Added example photo styles to AI Portraits for better visual reference;
  • Fixed large image upload issue and added “Similarity” (denoising) slider in Image Replicator;
  • Fixed transparent PNG upload in Image Replicator.
  • Added new Contact page with more information.
  • Fixed AI Editor issue which allowed to enter prompt without brushing an area on the image.
  • Improvements: added notification for AI Portraits tool, when a picture was generated with no face. Also fixed issue which caused images to be labeled NSFW, when they were actually not.
  • Added Free Trial Plans to Pincel pricing (24h or 20 images); 🤩
  • Added a quick download button for Pincel Stock Photos and new category for product photography backgrounds.
  • New improved landing page with lots more information on Face Swap page.
  • Listed 8 more tools on the homepage.
  • Major improvements in AI Portraits: improved likeness of a person, including hair style. Added new photo styles and gender selection. Bug fixes in mobile version.
  • Added feature to delete user account from dashboard (removes payment and card info, deletes Pincel account and removes from email list.)
  • New tool: AI Generator with Canny Map







  • Released tool for Changing Clothes on photo 👈🏽
  • New tool AI portrait maker
  • Fill Modes explained in blog
  • Released 7 pro tips for AI artists
  • Pincel reached 60K monthly visitors


  • First version of Generative Fill released ❤️
  • Tool for removing logo from clothes


  • Released tool for changing clothes
  • New tool for changing face on photo


  • Content Aware fill alternative blog articles


  • Released tool for changing clothes
  • Updated to faster GPU server, improved speed 5x
  • First version of Pincel Photo Cleaner released