The Best AI Apps for Product Design

A great looking product design can increase sales.

That’s right, design isn’t just about looks but it’s also a business booster.

And now using AI, you can easily experiment with new designs in seconds.

You don’t need a degree in art or a hefty budget anymore.

AI has simplified the art of product design by making it accessible to anyone.

Imagine tweaking your product’s appearance with just a few clicks.

Let’s see how making what once seemed impossible is ridiculously easy now.

01-slider-before-image 02-slider-after-image
Forget hours of Photoshopping… because this kind of creative product concept visualization only takes a few seconds using AI.

How Pincel AI Works

The process is fairly simple when using the correct tool for each task…

1) Upload your product photo.

2) Type in what you want to change using a text a prompt.

(NB: some tools also require you to brush and highlight the affected area)

3) Hit the generate and then, download your masterpiece.

If it’s not perfect then refine more areas or alter the prompt.

change product design using AI
Changing only few words in a prompt can create a completely new and unique photo:
“black and golden” vs “green crocodile leather”

πŸ”Ž Let’s Look at Each Feature Individually:

Pincel includes a variety of tools for different tasks.

Choose the one that’s most specific to your needs.

Change or Add Colors

replace colors on photo

Ever wondered how your product would look in a different color?

Use the reference tool AI generator and put your product as the input.

Now describe the new output with a short prompt.

With the example above, simply upload a photo of white sneakers, use a prompt like “Colorful Rainbow sneakers” and enjoy a creative outcome in seconds.

Change Textures

change furniture design using AI

What if your product had a silk finish instead of matte?

Pincel AI lets you play around with textures.

This feature is also a perfect fit for reference tool AI generator which detects the outlines of your image, but generates new materials and textures based on your text input.

Replace Materials

edit furniture chair text and colors

Imagine turning plastic or wood into metal.

Sounds crazy, right?

But with Pincel AI, it’s fast, easy and works online with any image!

Upload your image to the AI reference generator, describe the outcome with a prompt and hit generate.

The tool will only keep the outlines of your photo, while rendering new textures and colors which were added to the prompt.

Alternatively you can also use the AI architect tool, for changing the visuals and adding in more content.

replace interior elements with AI
Easily make changes in Interior Design with AI and experiment with new looks.

Change Clothes or Fashion Designs

Change fashion design with AI

Use Pincel to change colors of clothes or completely replace the outfit.

For this you have 2 options:

Use the same Reference AI Generator – will keep the outlines (with Canny Map)

or AI Image Editor – can replace clothes completely.

Pro Tip: AI might generate weird faces, but you can easily fix them by running the image through Face Swap (using the original image as source).

Turn Product Sketch to Photo

Turn sketch of product into realistic photo

Got a sketch of your product?

Pincel AI can instantly turn into a realistic image.

It’s like bringing your ideas to life with needing a concept or 3D artist.

For this, use the AI Image Replicator (can replicate colors) or Reference Generator (will only follow outlines, so you can describe new colors.)

Change the Model

replace model person face on photo

Do you want to see how your product looks on someone else?

With Pincel AI you can swap out the person wearing your product in a snap.

For this use the Face Swap tool or AI Image Editor.

It’s perfect for making your products appeal to a different target audience,

or making the person on the photo anonymous,

all while keeping the photo intact.

Seasonal Shifts

change clothes and shoe colors with AI editing

Winter or summer? Sand or mud?

Change the season in your product photos to fit any time of the year.

For this use the Reference Photo Generator.

Simply upload your photo, describe the outcome with a prompt.

The tool follows the outlines, but can’t see colors.

This makes it ideal for changing textures and adding new colors.

Replace, Add or Remove Elements

add or remove objects on photo

Want remove a background or add a prop?

You can instantly replace or remove elements with the Object Remover or AI Photo Editor.

This makes it simple to tweak parts of your photo in order make it more appealing for marketing.

Make Inspirational Concept Photos for Moodboards

make a moodboard image with specific colors.

Easily craft moodboards or dreaming up new products and with Pincel’s toolkit, it’s like having an entire design team.

Change colors, play with textures or render concept art – all in a few clicks.

It’s not just about making things look pretty but also about making your design process smarter, faster and way more fun.

AI Product Backgrounds

free AI generated backgrounds.

Good backgrounds are hard to find…

that’s why it’s easy to make them yourself with AI.

Luckily you also have many options to generator backgrounds.

Why Experiment with Product Photos?

A/B Testing Made Easy: Why settle for one design when you can easily experiment with different looks and see what resonates with your audience.

Stay Ahead of Trends: Trends move fast and you can keep up by tweaking your product images to match the latest fads. Be the trendsetter and not the follower.

pope wearing AI generated clothes

Viral Social Media: Remember the pope wearing a puffer coat? Eye-catching product photos are social media gold. Edit your photos for impact and watch your likes, shares and comments skyrocket.

Reduce Costs, Maximize Impact: Cut down on expensive photoshoots. A few clicks can change a scene, a texture or a mood.

Personalization for the Win: Customers love feeling special. Tailor your product images to different demographics and watch your engagement soar.

Test Before You Invest: Thinking of a new product line? Test the waters with edited photos before diving into production. It’s a smart move business.

Spark interest in customers and experiment with new product looks. Don’t sell fake Nikes though 🀣

Instant Feedback, Faster Iterations: Share different versions of product images and get quick feedback. It’s about making fast and more informed decisions.

Just for fun: Don’t be bound by the ordinary. Experiment with wild ideas and let your creativity run free. Who knows? You might just start the next big trend.

Live Demo: How to Edit Product Photos with AI πŸ‘‡πŸΌ

Pincel AI vs. Traditional Photo Editing Artists πŸ§‘πŸ»β€πŸŽ¨

Why choose Pincel AI over a retouching artist?

It’s about efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

You get professional and photorealistic edits without the wait or the hefty price tag.

replace product material and texture

Why Pincel Beats Photoshop Any Day

Ever felt overwhelmed by Photoshop?

Pincel AI is the solution and it’s way simpler.

No steep learning curve and no installation hassles.

Plus, it works online, making it fast, easy, and user-friendly.

change clothes colors using free online editor

Recap: All AI Product Designs Tools Explained:

Let’s summarize all the Pincel tools you can use:

Image Replicator – mimic any image you found online, but in your own style.

AI Generator from Reference – mimic an image, but also keep outlines.

AI Image Editor – it’s the alternative to Photoshop Generative fill.

Face Swap – replace or fix (AI faces can look ugly) faces on your photos.

Product Backgrounds – Mimic a background you like or download templates.

Object Remover – remove anyone or anything from a photo instantly.

AI Extender – Extend a product background, so it will fit the required format.

Now it’s Your Turn:

So, there you have it… Pincel AI is not just an app.

It’s a creative revolution in product design.

A tool that turns imagination into reality in seconds.

Your product design process is about to get more awesome.

Martim Ramos

Founder @ Pincel – Warrior of creative expression, armed with a paintbrush. After using Photoshop for 20 years, I grew tired of its complexity and believe image editing should be easy as a brush stroke. Passionate about sharing my knowledge through blogging.