Make AI Photos with Consistent Models

AI generated images have never been more realistic.

And creating them is also easier and faster than ever.

But there’s a catch – character consistency remains a big problem.

Whether for storytelling or marketing, maintaining the same character across various images is a challenge.

That’s where the struggle has been… until now.

With Pincel AI Portraits Tool, you can easily create new and unique AI characters;

or turn yourself or anyone else into an AI model;

and the models remain consistent across all your photo generations.

Imagine conducting unique photoshoots with these people, all within different settings, clothing and styles.

And the best part? It’s all online. No downloads. No complicated software.

Just seamless character representation, ready to take your marketing or storytelling to the next level.

Same AI mode in different photos
Meet Zun – a virtual AI model created for this blog post.

How it Works

You’ve got two options here:

Option 1 – Create a New AI Character

Craft a new persona using Pincel’s AI Character Creator.

Select the age, gender, ethnicity and describe some more unique characteristics, such has hair color.

Once your character is ready, then you can instantly save and use it in the AI Portraits tool to generate consistent photos with the same model.

Option 2 – Create AI Model from Real Person

The word “model” is an exaggeration, because with Pincel you don’t need to train AI models…

simply upload one photo as a reference of the real person you wish to use.

Then you can either pick from example photoshoots or go creative with custom photos using prompts.

You have the power to place your character in any setting and clothing style you can imagine.

Why Pincel Beats Other AI Portrait Generators

What makes Pincel stand out from the crowd?

  • There’s no need to train an AI model or LoRas;
  • High resemblance with single reference photo;
  • Fast image generation in less than 30 seconds;
  • Get started with a free trial;

With terms like these, Pincel is literally the best tool on the market for consistent AI character creations.

non existing AI model
Mr Zun having a nice day at the spa – take your virtual AI model to any place or location using a digital photoshoot.

All you have to do is upload a single reference photo of the person you’d like to generate using AI.

There’s no steep learning curve, no software installation hassles, and it works like a charm online.

Talk about convenience!

Who Benefits from Consistent Models?

Why do I need consistency?

Here’s why creating consistent AI characters is your next big move:

Brand Recognition: Just like you know Nike by its swoosh, imagine your characters becoming instantly recognizable. That’s brand gold, right there.

Storytelling: Consistent characters mean your audience stays immersed. No confusion, just a smooth narrative journey. Use it to generate movie plot ideas or even comic books.

AI model of yourself: Hate going to the photographer? Or do you simply feel uncomfortable in front of the camera? AI solves this issue by allowing you to create your very own AI version of yourself.

make AI photoshoot using same model

Marketing: Picture viral campaigns where your character is the star, known, loved and driving engagement because people recognize the person.

Virtual Influencers: These digital and non existing AI people can revolutionize your presence online. Need consistent looks? Followers will love the reliability when you create a virtual AI influencer who always looks the same ❤️

E-Commerce Experiences: Use consistent characters to model your products or wear clothes. It’s innovative, engaging and much more memorable.

Consistency isn’t just a buzzword anymore, it’s the next big thing in AI.

Whether you’re building a brand, telling a story or just exploring the digital landscape, keeping your characters consistent is the key.

See How it Works in Less Than 30 Seconds 👇🏼

See how the virtual character Zun was born from a single click.

Tip: you can further enhance or fix any AI photo by:

Consistency is Key 👱‍♂️ 👱‍♂️

Pincel is your go-to solution for generating AI photos with consistency and ease.

No more juggling different-looking models.

Whether you’re crafting the next viral marketing campaign

or developing a cast of characters for your digital masterpiece.

People want stories…

people want the same characters.

fashion photography

Can I use the AI models for commercial purposes?

Yes, anything you create with Pincel is entirely yours to use commercially. The models generated are not real people, which means you don’t need to worry about obtaining a model release for their use.

Are there any limits?

No, there are no limits with Pincel. You can create as many images as needed, allowing for endless creativity and exploration in your projects.

What is the default image size?

The default image size is 768×1024. However, if you need larger images, you can use Pincel’s AI Detailer or upscaler to increase the photo size to 2x or 3x, enhancing the resolution and detail for your needs.

Martim Ramos

Founder @ Pincel – Warrior of creative expression, armed with a paintbrush. After using Photoshop for 20 years, I grew tired of its complexity and believe image editing should be easy as a brush stroke. Passionate about sharing my knowledge through blogging.