Top 5 AI Photo Generators: What’s Best for You?

AI photo generators have taken the world by storm ⚡️

and there’s a good reason why…

because they offer a massive creativity boost and let you create unique photos instantly.

But not all of them are created equal.

Here are 5 different types of AI photo Generators explained.

You’ll learn how to use each of them and why each is unique and useful.

Let’s dive in, you can try each of them for free:

1) Text to Image

ai photo generator from text input

Generate any photo from text input.

Commonly also referred to txt2img, this AI method is ideal for beginners or anyone looking to turn ideas into visual reality.

The most popular tools in this space are Midjourney, Dalle, Firefly and Stable Diffusion.

Simply type in a description, and AI generates a photo that matches your words.

You can also use negative words to avoid things on a photo.

It’s especially useful for visualizing concepts that are hard to sketch or when you need quick mockups without artistic skills.

You can generate anything from photorealistic images styles to sketches, AI art, 3D or anything you can imagine.

2) Image to Image

ai reference photo image to image generator

This AI photo generation method is best if you already have a reference photo and is also known as img2img method.

You can upload an image, then add a prompt and choose how similar the photo will be to the original.

It’s perfect for artists and designers or photographers who want to experiment with different visuals without starting from scratch.

It’s a pure genius way of replicating a photo or concept with some modifications.

Some creative use cases include changing body shape, age, colors, gender etc.

3) AI Portrait Photos

ai portrait photos from face

Generate realistic AI photos or artistic avatars of yourself or anyone else.

Transform a selfie into a professional AI portrait or even a fantasy theme.

This tool uses AI to create a digital version of a person.

It’s a fantastic choice for social media influencers, professionals,

or anyone looking to enhance their personal photos without a real photoshoot.

4) AI PNG Generator

AI PNG image generator

This AI generator is a lifesaver…

because it creates AI PNG images with a transparent background and eliminates the need for manual background removal.

It’s ideal for creating transparent people, product photos or web graphics where you need clean and seamless integration without any background clutter.

The results are amazingly clean and crisp.

5) AI Photo Editor

AI photo editor generative fill

Last but not least…

you often already have a photo, but you just need to make some changes to it.

It’s the “Generative Fill” alternative which allows you to manipulate photos.

You can use AI to generate new details or remove objects seamlessly.

Best use cases also include changing hair, changing body type, adding new objects and editing product photos.

😎 Almost Famous…These Tools Were Nearly-Listed:

While these tools didn’t make our top list,

they are still very useful and quite popular in their own niches:

AI Face Swap: Switch faces in photos, simply for a laugh or commercial use.

AI Detailer: turn small images into mind-blowing and high resolution photos.

AI Architect: Dream up and visualize interior or exterior designs effortlessly.

AI Clothes Swap: Try on new a outfit on photo without changing your clothes.

AI Characters: Create a unique AI character for marketing or stories.

AI Visual Chat: Ask questions from AI that can see and understand pictures.

AI QR Code Maker: Generate AI photos with QR codes hidden on the image.

AI Logo Art: Make an AI illusion photo with a logo integrated into the scene.

AI Illusions: Create mind-bending illusions with hidden AI photos.

So there you have it…

these were the 5 most commonly used types AI photo generators out there.

They all have their unique benefits, and will make your life much easier when creating visuals,

however the biggest benefit is when learn how to use them all together to create any kind of images you need.

For example you can start out by generating a photo, then replicating it with small modifications, then replace the background or replace objects on the same photo.

With AI photo generators, the creative possibilities are endless…

Martim Ramos

Founder @ Pincel – Warrior of creative expression, armed with a paintbrush. After using Photoshop for 20 years, I grew tired of its complexity and believe image editing should be easy as a brush stroke. Passionate about sharing my knowledge through blogging.