Remove Clothes from a Photo Using AI

Too much fabric on a photo?

It’s a common request to add or change clothes on photo,

but what about the quite opposite…

making someone wear less clothing on a photo?

Imagine stripping away unwanted clothes from a photo with just a few clicks.

That’s the power of AI at your fingertips.

With the dedicated clothing tools of Pincel AI, you can change the outfit in a picture as easily as changing your mind.

clothes-before-wearing clothes-after-removed
Dress down in a snap! Go from evening dress to bikini with just one click.

Let’s dive into how AI makes this all happen seamlessly and swiftly:

How Does It All Work?

With Pincel AI you have 3 powerful options.

Here’s a quick summary so you know the differences:

Pincel AI Portraits – this tool will take a single face photo as reference and generates completely new photos of anyone, in any pose and wearing as much (or as little) clothes as you need. All you need to do is provide the text description (prompt) of the photo you imagine.

Pincel AI Clothes Swap – this tool will keep the input photo the same, but you have the ability to drag and drop a reference photo of a clothing item. AI will then blend the garment into the original photo.

Pincel Face Swap – with this tool, you can take any photo and add a new face to it. This way you can choose a photo with the clothing you like and then a new face to it.

Here are the 3 tools, explained with examples:

Option 1: AI Portraits

Do you have a picture of someone, but the outfit doesn’t match the vibe?

With Pincel AI Portraits, you can keep the original face, but switch out the clothes for anything you desire.

It creates a completely new photo where anyone is dressed exactly as you wish!

  • any place;
  • any pose;
  • wearing any clothes (or none at all).

Just from single reference photo of a face.

You can choose from hundreds of ready made photo templates.

or input your own text prompt with different artistic styles.

create clothing AI photos

Option 2: AI Clothes Swap

Prefer to stick closer to your original photo?

Then, Pincel AI Clothes Swap is your go-to option.

Here’s how it works: You keep the same photo but select a new outfit from another image,

and Pincel seamlessly blends the new clothes onto your original photo.

Your look is updated without altering anything else!

remove clothes and add man suit
Left: original photo. Middle: reference photo for new clothing. Right: the results.

Option 3: AI Face Swap

You start by picking a photo with the outfit or pose you want.

Then, you select another photo with a face that captures your best look.

With a click, Pincel AI seamlessly blends the chosen face onto the body with the outfit you selected.

The result? A perfectly tailored photo that combines the best of both images.

face swap online change clothes

Why Opt for Pincel?

Why should I use another app of hire a professional retoucher?

Well Pincel is the last AI app you need, here’s why:

Firstly, Pincel is instant — no waiting for days or minutes to see the results.

Secondly, it’s cost-effective, because you avoid those hefty fees charged by professionals and there is also a free trial.

Thirdly: it’s private. No photos are stored on Pincel when you create AI Portraits or Swap Faces.

remove clothes swap online

Less is More – Undress Any Photo with a Click

Undressing a photo? It’s simpler than peeling a banana!

Removing clothes from your images is not only quick but also fun.

So the next time your clothing doesn’t match the vibe, remember:

Pincel AI has got you covered… or uncovered, in seconds!

Choose a tool for clothes removal 👇🏼

after-remove clothes-swap-result

Martim Ramos

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