Extend Your Photo Online Using AI

Feeling limited by the edges of your photo?

You wish for more space, more context or more background?

Imagine extending your photo effortlessly in any direction.

With Pincel AI you can easily extend your photo online without using Photoshop Generative Fill.

Extend landscapes or broaden portraits and restore missing parts with new details.

Ready to try it out?

Uncrop images larger using AI
Use Pincel to extend your photos or magically “uncrop” your images and add new details. It can also add realistic people.

Let’s get started:

How the Process Works

1 – Firstly, upload your photo.

2 – Next, you’re in control of the output size ratio. Choose from square, portrait, or landscape. Whatever suits your needs.

3 – Now, zoom (scroll) and pan to position your image just right. This step is also crucial for framing.

4 – Add a prompt describing the new area you want. Think of it as painting with words. You can also leave it blank to see what AI comes up with initially.

5 – Hit generate. In moments, watch your vision come to life.

Not quite right? Modify and try again.

Once you’re happy, downloading is just a click away.

10 Best Use Cases for Image Outpainting

Add more space into cropped images

With AI-powered photo editing, you can literally push the boundaries of your images. Add new depth and context with unimaginable creativity:

Boost Creativity: Transform your photos into artistic masterpieces by adding extra elements.

Perfect Size Ratio: Easily adjust images to suit different social media or required web formats.

Fix Cropped or Old Photos: Fill in missing parts in old or cropped images. AI can add more details to your photos, making them look better and tell a new story.

More Background Room: Add extra sky, land or scenery to your pictures for a better look because details matter.

extend photo width using AI
Easily balance and enhance your photo’s layout by extending a certain area.

Tell a Story: Give more context to your photos, making them tell a fuller story.

Personal Touch: Personalize standard photos with your unique style or creative edges.

Professional Edge: In careers like real estate or advertising, extending photos can make them more impactful and less crowded.

Explore and Experiment: Play around with your photos’ limits and see what new things you can create.

Fast and Easy: It’s accessible and quick photo editing without needing complex skills or a hefty Adobe plan. Uncrop any image because it’s literally a must-have tool in today’s digital world.

Generative AI photo extender meme example
Classic outpainting example: turning a cropped meme back into full size by letting AI guess the context around it.

How Does Pincel Compare to Photoshop?

Well, you be the judge here!

I ran the same image through Photoshop and Pincel, here are the results:

Photoshop is good at creating content that blends, but it can be terrible with faces.

Photoshop very is powerful, no doubt here.

But it’s complex and requires installation on a Desktop device.

Not to mention the learning curve.

With Pincel, it’s different and more straightforward.

There’s no learning curve. No installation.

Plus Pincel works online. Anywhere, anytime and on any device.

Watch Me Extend a Photo in Less Than 30 seconds:

Stretching to Success: Who Uses Generative Fill the Most?

Generative background extension is already being used by many creative people across various industries.

Graphic Designers: Quickly expanding images for various design projects, saving time and effort on manual Photoshopping.

E-commerce Store Owners: Optimizing product images to fit various online platforms and marketing channels.

multiple image extension process
Running an image through the extender multiple times might offer better quality.

Social Media Enthusiasts: Enhancing their posts with unique and eye-catching meme worthy images that stand out on crowded feeds.

Bloggers and Content Creators: Creating custom images that fit perfectly with their online content, inside article and as blog headers.

Real Estate Agents: Extending property photos to show more of a space, making listings more attractive to potential buyers.

Event Planners: Designing custom, visually appealing promotional materials for events.

from square to landscape photo
Turning a square photo into wide landscape mode using AI.

Photography Hobbyists: Experimenting with their photos, extending landscapes or scenes for a more dramatic effect.

Teachers and Educators: Creating engaging educational material with extended images that can illustrate points more effectively.

Artists: Exploring new forms of digital art by manipulating and extending their own photographic works.

Advertisers and Marketers: Crafting more engaging and comprehensive visual ads that tell a story or showcase a product in a wider context.

make portrait photos larger

Go Beyond the Borders

If your photos feel a bit too tight…

then generative AI photo extension is here to save the day.

No more cropped corners or missing scenes.

Just a quick, fun way to make every picture tell the whole story.

Go ahead, give your images a little stretch.


Does it work on all photos and styles?

Yes, it works on all photos, whether it’s photorealistic, drawing, cartoon, painting etc. However, be aware that the AI might alter colors and faces in the original photos for smoother blending.

What prompt should I use?

I recommend starting with an empty prompt to see what the AI creates initially. Then, add a brief prompt describing what you want in the new area of the photo.

Can I improve the photo if the AI makes a mistake?

I like the photo, but a small details ruins it… while AI is not always perfect and might create some odd artifacts, it’s easy to fix or remove these small unwanted elements. For instance, you can use Pincel Photo Cleaner or an AI editor to correct minor issues.

How long does it take to extend a photo?

The process is quite fast. Typically, extending a photo with AI takes just around 10-15 seconds, depending on your internet speed and the complexity of the task. Occasionally, the process might take longer due to a cold server boot. If this happens, please wait a bit or try again in a moment.

Is the extended part realistic?

Yes, the AI strives to make the extended part of the photo as realistic as possible. However, the accuracy can vary depending on the original photo and the specificity of your prompt.

Can I specify the direction in which the photo is extended?

Absolutely! Pincel Extender is unique, because you can specify the direction of extension (upwards, downwards, sideways) in your prompt. This gives you more control over how your photo is extended and ensures the final result aligns with your needs.

Does it work on Mobile?

Yes, Pincel AI works on all devices, including mobile phones and desktop computers, providing flexibility to enhance your photos from anywhere.

Martim Ramos

Founder @ Pincel – Warrior of creative expression, armed with a paintbrush. After using Photoshop for 20 years, I grew tired of its complexity and believe image editing should be easy as a brush stroke. Passionate about sharing my knowledge through blogging.