Survey Says 58% Have Already Tried AI Photo Editing

In a world where photographs have become an integral part of our lives, the question of how we edit and enhance these images is more relevant than ever before.

With the rise of AI tools, photo editing has undergone a significant transformation in a very short time.

But what do people really think about it? Especially photographers?

To uncover the truth, we conducted a survey to find out:

  • how many are using AI in photo editing;
  • what are the most popular tools;
  • and use cases.
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58% are already using AI in photo editing

The majority of respondents, a whopping 57.78%, expressed their love for AI image editing, mostly because it “saves them precious time“.

In an era where multitasking is the norm, AI-powered tools have emerged as the unsung heroes of efficiency.

No more painstaking hours spent fine-tuning each pixel; AI can effortlessly retouch photos, apply filters, and even enhance colors, all with a few clicks.

It seems like a match made in heaven for the time-conscious generation.

15% have never tried it

15.56% of participants however admitted they had never used an AI photo editor but were open to trying.

This group represents the curiosity that often drives technological advancements.

As AI photo editing tools continue to improve, this percentage could increase, potentially heralding a new wave of converts.

13% are skeptics…

Not everyone is ready to embrace AI image editing with open arms.

13.33% of respondents expressed skepticism about the quality of AI-edited images.

It’s a valid concern; after all, the perception of image quality is highly subjective.

While AI tools have made tremendous strides in mimicking human aesthetics, there’s still room for growth.

This group is waiting for AI editing to truly match their discerning eyes.

But hey, we can’t blame these people… below are just a few famous blunders AI can make to your photos:

Knight Rider with more horsepower – AI Fails by Boredpanda

6% are hopeful but waiting for perfection

6.67% of participants reported that they had tried AI image editing but were hopeful that it would get better.

This category exemplifies the ‘early adopter’ mindset, willing to give AI a chance but not quite satisfied with the current state of affairs.

They’re keeping a close eye on advancements in AI image editing technology, eagerly anticipating the day when it meets their expectations.

4% ethical concerns take center stage

Realistic face swapping and AI avatars are also among the most popular features.

For 3.70% of respondents, ethical concerns overshadowed the convenience of AI image editing.

As AI algorithms become more sophisticated, questions about manipulation, privacy, and consent loom large.

This group is worried about the potential misuse of AI in altering or generating images, leading to ethical dilemmas that require careful consideration.

3% a niche for manual control enthusiasts

A small but vocal minority, 2.96% of participants, preferred manual control over AI image editing.

These individuals cherish the hands-on approach to editing, relishing the creative process that comes with it.

For them, the precision and artistry involved in traditional editing methods outweigh the convenience of AI tools.

The tools and trends

When it comes to the most popular AI tools for photo editing, Canva and Photoshop Generative Fill take the lead, showcasing widespread appeal and versatility.

Moreover, the survey sheds light on the most sought-after use cases in photo editing:

with a surprising trend emerging – a significant number of respondents are using AI to change clothing in photos.

Replacing clothes is also the most popular feature in Pincel AI photo editor.


As AI continues to redefine the boundaries of image manipulation, it becomes increasingly challenging to discern real photos from altered.

Most people already love the benefits of AI photo editing, because it offers savings in time, cost and big win productivity.

There’s a popular saying about AI:

AI Won’t Replace Humans — But Humans With AI Will Replace Humans Without AI. 

Harvard Business Review –

So, is AI going to replace you?

Martim Ramos

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