50 AI Bathroom Interior Designs to Try Now

Have you ever thought about how much time you spend in the bathroom? 🪠

It’s around 1.5 years in total…

enough to become pretty familiar with every tile.

If those walls could talk, they might just beg for a makeover.

Luckily, there’s Pincel AI Architect, a clever AI tool that lets you reimagine your bathroom from the ground up.

Got a photo? Great!

bathroom-old bathroom-new

With a few clicks, you can instantly see it in 40 different styles,

from ‘Zen spa’ to ‘Retro funk’

So, go ahead, find your favorite style and give it a try:

Baroque Bathroom

Baroque style Bathroom

Luxurious and ornate, this bathroom dazzles with baroque sophistication. Gilded frames and intricate details adorn the walls. A crystal chandelier enhances the space, making this fusion not just grand but uniquely captivating.

Contemporary Bathroom

Contemporary style Bathroom

This bathroom merges sleek, modern design with natural light and clean lines, creating an inviting, serene space. The marbled walls and floor enhance the contemporary feel, while the large window invites the outside in.

Edwardian Bathroom

Edwardian style Bathroom

This Edwardian-style bathroom blends luxuriously carved wood paneling with gold-accented fixtures and marble sinks. The ornate mirrors and elegant chandelier add a touch of opulence. This creates a grand, yet inviting space.

Tuscan Style Bathroom

Tuscan style Bathroom

This Tuscan-style bathroom perfectly marries rustic charm with luxury. The stone arches and wooden beams offer a timeless elegance, while the standalone tub adds a touch of modern comfort. This blend creates an inviting and unique space.

Gamer RGB Bathroom

Gamer Room style Bathroom

This gamer-style bathroom blends sleek marble with vibrant RGB lighting, creating a playful yet luxurious space. The dynamic colors add a unique, energetic flair, making every bath an immersive experience. It’s a novel twist on bathroom design!

Industrial Style Bathroom

Industrial style Bathroom

This industrial-style bathroom blends exposed piping with raw concrete textures by creating a striking look. A large window brings a touch of nature inside. This mix creates a cozy yet modern ambiance that’s refreshingly unique.

Zen Style Bathroom

Zen style Bathroom

This zen-style bathroom merges sleek wooden textures with soft natural light, creating a tranquil retreat. Its minimalist design highlights clean lines and uncluttered spaces, making the serene ambiance an inviting escape for relaxation.

Airbnb Style Bathroom

Airbnb style Bathroom

A bright, airy Airbnb bathroom combines earthy wooden accents with sleek marble tiles, effortlessly marrying rustic charm with modern luxury. Light floods in through large windows, making the space inviting and fresh—an appealing haven for travelers.

Coastal Style Bathroom

Coastal style Bathroom

This serene coastal-style bathroom blends soft blue hues and natural textures. Arched alcoves and sea-inspired decor create a calm, ocean-like atmosphere, making it a perfect seaside retreat within a home.

Medieval Style Bathroom

Medieval style Bathroom

Step into a fantastical and medieval fantasy bathroom. Stone arches and wooden beams create a rustic charm by mixing old-world with modern comfort. The clash of eras makes this space fascinating and uniquely inviting.

Retro Style Bathroom

Retro style Bathroom

This bathroom pairs vintage flair with modern elegance, featuring pastel turquoise tiles and a marble tub. Sleek gold fixtures and natural wood accents merge the old with the new, creating a refreshing yet nostalgic space. A true visual retreat!

Spa Style Bathroom

Spa style Bathroom

This spa-style bathroom blends sleek wood finishes with soft lighting to create a serene retreat. Candles add a touch of warmth, making it a perfect escape. Innovative yet cozy, it impresses with both luxury and simplicity.

Victorian Style Bathroom

Victorian style Bathroom

This Victorian-style bathroom mesmerizes with its opulent gold accents and marble details. The grand chandelier and framed mirrors enhance the space’s luxurious feel. It’s a perfect blend of regal decor and modern functionality.

Minimalist Bathroom

Minimalist style Bathroom

This minimalist bathroom combines sleek marble finishes with natural light and simple lines. The understated wicker baskets provide warmth, contrasting beautifully with the cool, polished stone, creating an inviting yet sophisticated space.

Greek Style Bathroom

Greek style Bathroom

This bathroom uniquely marries modern comfort with Greek-inspired aesthetics. Bright blue tiles and ornate borders encapsulate the vibrant Mediterranean spirit. The sleek tub and rustic wooden features blend functionality with style, making this space both refreshing and elegant.

Amish Style Bathroom

Amish style Bathroom

This Amish-style bathroom merges rustic warmth with modern utility. Handcrafted woodwork and arched doors highlight traditional skills, contrasting beautifully with contemporary fixtures. This blend of old and new creates an inviting, unique space.

French Country Style

French Country style Bathroom

It’s a fascinating mix of elegance and comfort. Firstly, golden ornaments and carved furniture add a royal charm. Secondly, they contrast with the elegant simplicity of gray and white.

Tribal Style Bathroom

Tribal style Bathroom

A fusion of tribal allure and modern comfort fills this bathroom. Earthy wooden textures and an intricate metallic disc adorn the emerald walls, complementing the rustic bath and woven rug. This tactile, visual blend fosters a unique and inviting ambiance.

Steampunk Bathroom

Steampunk style Bathroom

In this steampunk-inspired bathroom, rustic wooden textures meet polished brass fittings. A blend of old-world charm and industrial innovation creates a fascinating escape.

Tropical Style Bathroom

Tropical style Bathroom

This bathroom merges modern luxury with a tropical touch, featuring vibrant palm leaf wallpaper and natural wood accents. The elegant tub under a sunny window completes this serene oasis. Inviting and stylish, it’s a perfect blend of relaxation and nature.

Biophilic Style Bathroom

Biophilic style Bathroom

This biophilic bathroom blends natural wood elements with lush greenery for a serene retreat. Offering bright views and a fresh feel, it’s a perfect merge of the outdoors and modern comfort, inviting relaxation and peace. A refreshing escape from the mundane.

Bohemian Style Bathroom

Bohemian style Bathroom

This bohemian-style bathroom dazzles with its eclectic mix! Ornate patterns on the wallpapers and the vibrant blue door blend charmingly. The classic bathtub adds a vintage touch, making the space uniquely inviting and visually intriguing.

Christmas Bathroom

Christmas style Bathroom

A luxurious bathroom with rich Christmas decorations. Garlands frame the window and shelves, adding lush greenery against the classy green tiles. Red accents pop vibrantly.

Cottagecore Bathroom

Cottagecore style Bathroom

This cottagecore bathroom blends rustic charm with elegance. Floral wallpaper and vintage fixtures create a cozy, nostalgic vibe. The wooden accents and pastel tones enhance the warm atmosphere, making it a unique and inviting space.

Colonial Style Bathroom

Colonial style Bathroom

Rich walnut cabinetry and a classic clawfoot tub define this colonial-style bathroom. Gold accents blend opulence with traditional charm. This unique mix makes the space elegant yet inviting.

Craftsman Bathroom

Craftsman style Bathroom

This craftsman style bathroom blends rich wooden cabinetry and intricate tile work, creating a cozy, elegant space. The natural wood tones and soft lighting highlight its classic charm, making it a perfect retreat.

Cyberpunk Bathroom

Cyberpunk style Bathroom

This bathroom has a cool cyberpunk vibe. Dark tiles cover everything, setting a moody tone. Bright neon green lights add a pop of color. Sleek, white fixtures keep it clean and modern. Plus, there’s a big window for some natural light.

Farmhouse Bathroom

Farmhouse style Bathroom

A cozy farmhouse-style bathroom blends rustic wooden interiors with a sleek white tub. Natural light streams through large windows. This blend of old and new creates an inviting, tranquil retreat.

Futuristic Style Bathroom

Futuristic style Bathroom

A futuristic bathroom which blends sleek, gray marble with soft and glowing lights. The oval bathtub and illuminated underlight create a serene escape. It’s a unique mix of luxury and innovation!

Georgian Style Bathroom

Georgian style Bathroom

Luxurious Georgian-style bathroom blends opulent gold accents with intricate marble detailing. Grand mirrors and lush drapery frame a stunning window view. This lavish decor creates an exquisite sanctuary, merging classic elegance with modern comfort.

Gothic Style Bathroom

Gothic style Bathroom

This gothic-style bathroom blends majestic stained-glass windows and archways with a modern free-standing tub, creating an intriguing combination. The traditional architecture and contemporary comforts provide a unique bathing experience.

Halloween Bathroom

Halloween style Bathroom

A luxurious bathroom dresses up for Halloween with dark and gothic wallpaper Bright light contrasts the moody atmosphere, while rats on the floor add a spooky touch. Time for a nice cold water bath…

Japanese Bathroom

Japanese Design style Bathroom

This Japanese-style bathroom merges minimalist lines and natural materials. Wood paneling and a sleek stone sink evoke serenity. The bright window adds airy lightness, making the blend of style and function captivating.

Luxurious Style Bathroom

Luxurious style Bathroom

This bathroom marries opulence with classic design, featuring richly detailed wooden panels and an ornate marble bathtub. Gilded accents and sparkling chandeliers enhance its stately charm, making it an elegantly majestic retreat.

Maximalist Bathroom

Maximalist style Bathroom

A plush maximalist bathroom combines bold turquoise walls adorned with gold flourishes. Gold-framed paintings and ornate fixtures add a luxurious touch. This room charms with its lavish, rich details, creating a uniquely opulent retreat.

Mediterranean Bathroom

Mediterranean style Bathroom

The Mediterranean-style bathroom blends rustic charm with elegant tranquility. Arched alcoves and textured walls confirm the ancient vibe, while a sleek bathtub adds a modern touch. This combination of old and new creates a uniquely serene retreat.

Midcentury Bathroom

Midcentury style Bathroom

This bathroom marries midcentury charm with modern flair, featuring sleek wooden cabinetry and aqua tiles. Bright sunlight floods through large windows, highlighting the marble tub’s elegance. A perfect blend that makes a serene, stylish retreat.

Modern Bathroom

Modern style Bathroom

This bathroom blends sleek gray tiling with golden fixtures, creating a stylish modern ambiance. The large windows let natural light flood the space, enhancing the clean, minimalistic design. This combination is both refreshing and elegant.

Moroccan Bathroom

Moroccan style Bathroom

This luxurious Moroccan-style bathroom combines intricate blue tiles and golden accents, creating a regal yet inviting atmosphere. Arched doorways and ornate mirrors echo traditional designs, making the space fascinating and culturally rich.

Nautical Style Bathroom

Nautical style Bathroom

This nautical-themed bathroom blends dark blue and white stripes with rustic wood accents. Natural light floods in, highlighting the freestanding tub and woven baskets, creating a serene, ocean-inspired retreat. Its unique style captivates and soothes.

Neoclassic Bathroom

Neoclassic style Bathroom

Golden accents and marble details highlight this luxurious design. The meticulous craftsmanship in the wood paneling and ornate mirrors create an air of grandeur, making this an extraordinarily lavish yet historical space.

Rustic Style Bathroom

Rustic style Bathroom

This rustic bathroom blends rugged stone walls and wood beams. The natural materials create a warm and serene escape by combining luxury with the raw charm of nature. A truly unique retreat!

Scandinavian Bathroom

Scandinavian style Bathroom

This Scandinavian-style bathroom has clean lines with natural textures, merging minimalism with warmth. It represents a perfect blend of form and function, creating an inviting atmosphere.

Vintage Style Bathroom

Vintage style Bathroom

This vintage-style bathroom combines wooden cabinetry with a classic freestanding tub. Elegant wall panels and a detailed mirror enhance the luxurious feel. It’s a grand take on historical elegance infused with modern comfort.

🚽 Flush with Excitement 🤩

If your bathroom’s been feeling a bit more “blah” than “spa,”

then maybe it’s time to let AI technology take the wheel.

You can literally do it on your smartphone, in the bathroom!

Try a new bathroom interior style, see what sticks…

and maybe make your bathroom a place where you’d want to spend even more time.

Dive in, the water’s fine!

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