How to Create Water Effects Using AI

You’ve probably seen jaw-dropping photos with water effects and thought,

“Wow, how’d they do that?”

The secret is that adding stunning water effects isn’t just for the pros.

It’s for you and me too.

That’s where Pincel AI steps in, literally making a splash in your creative editing.

Let’s explore how to create stunning water effects online, with just a click and prompt input.

I’ll also share best examples and guides how to create a similar effect to your own photos.

5 Types of Water Effects You Can Make with AI:

Pincel includes a variety of different AI tools,

so it’s important you get to know the tools and see what kind of effect you need.

1) Submerge: Add an Underwater Effect

make underwater photo effect

Ever dreamed of capturing a photo underwater without getting wet?

Pincel AI can submerge your photos and create an effect of being underwater.

Whether it’s a person or a cityscape,

you can easily add an underwater effect that breathes depth into your images.

destroy a city using AI
Create an underwater city effect to any photo. Tool used: Canny Map (try prompts below).

How it works:

Upload your photo to the Canny or Reference tool and add a prompt such as:

  • underwater city, submerged, ocean city, unreal engine;
  • flooded house, under water, finding nemo style, blue, air bubbles;
  • woman under water;

2) Generate Water Backgrounds to Photos

Elevate your product photos by reflecting your vision through water backgrounds.

Pincel AI crafts an aquatic backdrop, making your products float on digital water.

Turn your transparent bottle image into a creative and dramatic product photography shot with water splashing.

How it works: Upload your product (transparent PNG image) to the photo extender. Then add a prompt e.g. “Water splash background, professional product photography”

3) Add Water Effects via Pincel Generative Fill

Water elements like splashes, droplets, or waves can be seamlessly integrated into your photos too.

Pincel AI’s generative fill tool infuses your images with water elements, adding dynamic movement and energy.

How it works: Upload your photo and use the brush tool to mark the affected area on your photo. Then add a prompt and shortly describe what the content should be replaced with.

4) Turn Anyone (or Logo) into a Water Illusion

The “squint your eyes to see it” effects are very popular and are also easy to create with the Pincel.

Imagine your face portrait dissolving into water, creating a captivating water illusion.

Pincel AI’s Hidden Illusion tools allow you to blend realism with fantasy, offering a unique way to express yourself.

before-water-avatar after-3d-water-illusion-effect

How it works: Upload your face or logo into the AI Illusion tool. Then add a text prompt about what kind of scene or landscape should be depicted on the photo. AI will try to blend your face or logo seamlessly into the photo.

5) Liquid Letters: Create Text Effects Using Water

Drench your words in the essence of water.

Pincel AI Text Effects enables you to craft photos of text into effects that mimic water, be it clear, murky, or sparkling…

it can adding a fluid character to your messaging.

How it works: Upload a photo of a text into the AI Logo tool. Then describe what the photo should depict. (don’t write the word itself, just describe what would be on the photo.)

Why Use Water Effects on Photos Anyway?

Water is the elixir of life…

and it’s no wonder that it also makes waves in photo editing.

Imagine infusing your photos with water and transforming them into clever artworks.

Stand Out: In a world where everyone’s a photographer, adding water effects makes your shots jump out.

Turn anyone into a poseidon, ice sculpture or greek statue or e using the Canny Map tool.

Tell a Story, Make it Flow: Every photo tells a story and water effects can add layers, depth and emotion. Want to evoke tranquility, power or mystery?

Boost Engagement: Posts with unique and eye-catching images tend to gather more likes, shares and comments.

Create Mood and Atmosphere: Ever noticed how a rainy scene in a movie can make you feel all the feels? You can also create that same moody vibe in your photos with the right water effect.

Showcase Product Dynamism: Selling something? Show it off with water! Adding splashes or floating effects can turn a static product photo into an energetic and dynamic showcase.

Enhance Natural Beauty: Nature shots are great, but imagine them with an extra layer of wow. Water effects can enhance the natural beauty of landscapes.

Simplify Complex Edits: Thanks to AI and user-friendly editing tools, adding water effects doesn’t require a degree in graphic design. It’s all about making complex edits simple and fun.

Create Memorable Branding: For businesses and personal brands, distinctive images with water effects can become part of your visual signature, making your brand memorable and recognizable.

Ice is water too… become frozen using the Pincel Ice Sculpture maker.

A Tsunami of Benefits:

Why choose Pincel as your favorite new AI photo editor?

More Waves, Less Effort

Pincel AI stands out for anyone looking to add water effects without the complexity of traditional methods.

Unlike hiring or engaging with a retouching artist, Pincel AI offers a direct and cost-effective solution.

There’s no waiting, no negotiating, but just instant and results.

Effortlessly Outperforms Photoshop

Forget about the steep learning curve or the necessity of high-end hardware.

Pincel AI operates online, offering a user-friendly interface that simplifies editing.

Make a Splash Without Getting Wet 💦

The only thing you’ll need to dry off is your excitement.

Let your creativity flow like water, and make a splash in your photos.

Need help getting started with an effect? Get in touch!

or want to browse 100+ AI tips and tutorials…

then be sure to check out the Pincel blog for AI inspiration and instant guides.

Martim Ramos

Founder @ Pincel – Warrior of creative expression, armed with a paintbrush. After using Photoshop for 20 years, I grew tired of its complexity and believe image editing should be easy as a brush stroke. Passionate about sharing my knowledge through blogging.