How to Generate Unique AI Characters

Remember the good old days when movie and game characters were blocky and pixelated?

Those times are long gone…

Today, AI has transformed character creation, making it hard to distinguish between digital characters and real humans.

Now, you can design characters with such precision and realism, it feels like they could step out of the screen.

Meet Pincel AI Character Generator:

This tool gives you instant access to crafting your own characters which are:

  • Unique – you define the character’s appearance, style and age;
  • Consistent – use the same character to create new AI photos in any scene or style;
  • Controllabledress them up with new clothes or even remove them;
  • Commercial – do whatever you like, it’s yours!

How it Works:

Creating an AI character is simpler than you think.

Navigate to the Pincel AI Character Generator.

First choose the age, gender and ethnicity.

Then add some descriptive text to give your character more depth, such as hair style, length, color or other details.

Next, hit the generate button.

Voilร ! Meet your new AI character.

Not quite right? You can generate a new unique person again until perfection.

Once satisfied, you can download or save your creation for later use.

What Kind of Characters Can I Create?

Example prompt: 3d character, disney pixar style animation, young, wearing glasses, happy.

The are many possibilities.

Do you need someone realistic? No problem.

The AI model is set to provide realistic people by default.

Or maybe you prefer a character with a Disney-style animation?

You got it. Add some keywords to the prompt, such as “3D character, Pixar, Disney” to create a 3D looking character.

What to Do With Them?

Once you’ve created your character then the fun really begins:

First, give them a name and save them to your Pincel account, then:

Digital Influencers: Launch an AI character as your virtual influencer. Bring a fresh and innovative presence to your social media strategies.

Need consistency? Use the same character across different scenarios and photoshoots with Pincel AI Portraits. Your creativity is the only limit.

Commercial License: Create your own stock photos without any copyright headaches. No model releases required.

Boost Your Marketing: Elevate your brand with custom characters that resonate with your audience. Perfect for standout ads and engaging content.

Model for Stock Photos: Create a suite of unique, royalty-free images with your AI-generated characters. It’s ideal for any project needing visual content.

Maintain Visual Consistency: Ensure your character maintains the same look and feel across all media with consistent, repeatable results.

make ai photoshoots with character
You can customize your AI characters by adding unique outfits, creating new photos, and saving your character for consistent use across all your projects.

Ready to Come Alive ๐Ÿ‘‹

Why do people love AI characters?

Because they never complain about coffee breaks, salary or contracts!

Jokes aside, the Pincel AI Character Generator is a must-have for anyone needing dynamic and unique characters.

realistic ai people character maker

Whether you’re enhancing your marketing efforts or needing diverse models…

Pincel simplifies this process tenfold.

TIP: you can even turn yourself into an AI model.

Martim Ramos

Founder @ Pincel – Warrior of creative expression, armed with a paintbrush. After using Photoshop for 20 years, I grew tired of its complexity and believe image editing should be easy as a brush stroke. Passionate about sharing my knowledge through blogging.