Make Yourself Old on Photo Using AI

Aging is the ultimate adventure you and I signed up for.

Now imagine if you could get a VIP pass to the future…

that’s where AI steps in by turning your curiosity into a reality.

Picture your current young selfie fast-forwarded by decades.

And with just a few clicks you can meet the 90 year old you!

Do you dare?

turn yourself into ld using AI
Who needs a time machine when you’ve got style that lasts for decades?

How Does It Work?

1- Start by uploading your current photo to Pincel AI Replicator.

2- Next type in a prompt, for example “90 years old man” or “old woman,” depending on what you’re aiming for.

NB: also mention ethnicity or other details in the prompt for more accurate results, such as clothing and hairstyle or colors.

3- Then adjust the similarity slider to your preference. Make it between 50-70. This will control how similar the photo will be to the original.

4- Lastly hit the generate button and voila!

Your future self comes to life right before your eyes.

Not quite what you expected?

You can regenerate and or try with a different age, prompt and similarity setting slider. or look until you’re satisfied.

how would I look like old
Watch the decades fly by with the magic of Pincel AI Old filter.

Why Choose Pincel Over Other Photo Tools?

Choosing Pincel AI has its benefits over other AI photo editors.

Firstly, it’s instant. No waiting.

Secondly, it’s a fraction of the cost, making it accessible for everyone.

Thirdly it works online, with no apps to download

And lastly, Pincel also includes a lot of other tools which you can use to edit your photo further.

Most importantly, the AI’s creativity is boundless, offering you not just one, but multiple versions of your aged self.

AI old filter maker
Who says we need to be lonely? Get old tegether with your besties!

How Would I Look Like as 90 Years Old?

The better question is also why?

Here are some good reasons to use AI Old Filter:

Satisfy Your Curiosity: We’re all a bit nosy and especially when it comes to our future selves. Will I have laugh lines from years of joy? Or a distinguished look from life’s experiences? It’s like a sneak peek into a possible future.

Motivation: Seeing a possible future you with signs of unhealthy living can be the wake-up call you need. It’s like your future self saying, “Hey, let’s work on being the best version of us.”

Break the Ice: Nothing kicks off conversations (and a few laughs) like showing off your aged self to someone. It’s a great party trick that gets everyone talking and sharing.

Discover Family Resemblance: Ever wonder if you’ll look like grandpa Joe when you hit your golden years? This is your chance to see if those family genes bless you with his charming good looks or not.

make me look 90 years old
Go from vibrant youth to graceful seniority with a simple prompt e.g. 90 years old woman.

Why AI Beats Photoshop

Let’s face it, Photoshop is great but it’s not for everyone.

Learning curves aside, you also need to install hefty software and let’s not even get started on the tedious task of retouching.

Pince, on the other hand, is your hassle-free alternative.

No learning required, no installation needed and it works flawlessly online.

It’s faster, simpler and just a few clicks away from revealing your aged avatar.

old photo maker

See How it Works in Less Than 30 Seconds ๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿผ

From Selfies to Silver Hair

If you’re curious about how you’ll age…

or just looking for a fun way to see yourself in the future, Pincel AI photo editor is your go-to.

With its user-friendly interface, affordability and instant results, it’s no wonder why it’s the preferred choice over traditional methods.

So don’t wait decades to see how you’ll look!

Dive in now and have a good laugh with your aged self.

old portrait maker

But why stop there?

With Pincel you can also become a teen or even a baby again!

Not to mention other incredible AI filters like toy figure, greek statue, GTA character, cartoon drawing or literally turn yourself into an AI model and become anyone.

Martim Ramos

Founder @ Pincel – Warrior of creative expression, armed with a paintbrush. After using Photoshop for 20 years, I grew tired of its complexity and believe image editing should be easy as a brush stroke. Passionate about sharing my knowledge through blogging.